Leadership 2.0

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Our Challenge

Model and facilitate best practices with administrative leadership for supporting personalized learning.

Kicking The "BUT" Out Of Leadership

What happens when you bring 6 educators and a video game developer together to discuss leadership for the future? Leadership 2.0. Leadership 2.0 is about modeling and facilitating best practices within administrative leadership for the purpose of supporting personalized learning for students, teachers, and fellow administrators. It moves past the status quo to push for reforms on multiple fronts, embracing the modern technologies today rather than relegating it to "the future" and tomorrow's leaders to implement. The principles of Leadership 2.0 focus on a culture shift within upper levels of administration from traditional hierarchical philosophies to a more associative philosophy that embraces:
  • Change and Adaptation
  • Transparency
  • Dialog
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing
  • Building Community
  • and Welcomes Engagement

Presentation Video

Guiding Questions to Change

In considering the problem of engaging educational administrators, a series of questions were developed to deal with the issues currently faced so that a framework could be established by which Leadership could engage their own Personal Learning Networks. The principles of Leadership 2.0 were evaluated by the suitability to meet the needs of these questions while incorporating new, modern technologies and approaches to solve today's problems.

Processes to Implement Leadership 2.0

As the principles behind Leadership 2.0 continue to grow, so also do the means by which we can implement their specific points-of-view. Leadership 2.0 looks for demonstrable implementations of its principles to prove and prune practices which promote personal learning. As leaders begin to implement these principles in readily applicable ways, new challenges can arise which raise new questions requiring new implementations to meet current needs.

Leadership 2.0 is focused on being quick to adapt, change, and respond to new situations in a timely manner while also providing faster and more productive means by which to distribute responses to changing circumstances and critique current practices so that they can meet today's demands. The process used to develop these responses must then also change to meet the needs of today's faster-moving and more connected society. By facilitating good Leadership Behaviors and Pracitices, Leadership 2.0 seeks to create Essential Conditions for growth in both Teachers and Students. To that end, the following are some ways we are finding to meet that need:
  1. Decision Making and Project Planning
  2. Encouraging Personal Learning Through Game-Based Risk-Free Incentives
  3. Collaborative Agenda Creation
  4. Using Social Networks to Amplify Influence
  5. Production of Easy-To-Create and Distribute Media


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