Guiding Questions

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  • How do we reduce complexity or perception of complexity for administrators
  • How do we get the "top admins" to buy-in so that modeling can occur?
  • What would it look like if a parent confronted a principal because teachers are not using technology?
  • What policies exist that act as barriers to the effective use of student-owned technology (e.g., video cell phones)?
  • What policies exist that support use of technology within compliance of confidentiality (i.e.: use of Twitter to share faculty news, emergencies, etc)?
  • How can leaders be expected to embrace tools for personal productivity and professional practice?
  • How can 2.0 tools be introduced in such a way as to meet the learning needs of the culture?
  • How might administrators utilize the technologies relevant to their personal life and integrate into professional life?
  • What are the barriers preventing administrators from using technology?
  • What are the priorities of an administrator and their needs related to technology? (administrative, communication, etc.)
  • How do leaders use their PLN to increase their capacity to be an instructional leader? (How do they share their learning?)
  • What is the ideal way to train administrators to use these technologies?
  • How can professional development for administrators embrace modern technologies without being seen as an "extra"?
  • What technology tools are administrators currently using (benchmark) for scaffolding/development of proficiency?
  • What's the motivation for change?
  • How to create the flow, challenge and ease, time committment, fun and not frustrating?
  • How to incorporate incentives and challenges as part of developing use/proficiency/modeling?
  • How to create a risk-free environment to request for help and learning opportunities with technology? (with their own kind)
  • What are you reading? What's on your bedside table? Book reads for administrators?

Survey Results

from ADE Summer Institute Presentation, July 13, 2009


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